Fun is an emotionally judgmental addition.
-Things I've Heard Vic Say


A letter from our first Crossroads graduate!

Dear Morehouse friends,

I woke up this morning before daylight realizing my Crossroads course will be over today after my meeting with my beautiful guides. I was wandering in the desert, alone, lost and frightened, when Jackie and Chris picked me up by the nape of the neck like a kitten and brought me into the Garden of Eden.

I'm grateful to them, my sanity was at risk. I was looking at the choices I had made with disdain and anger at myself.

What can I say? The love here at Lafayette Morehouse has touched my soul and brought me back into the light. The constant reminder of my perfection shows up in every face I see. I have fallen in love with everyone, my heart is open once again.

Thank you Cindy for being Here and holding the light for all of us, you are one incredible woman.

Thank you Vic, for your brilliance, toughness wisdom and boundless love for mankind. Your wild, unrelenting message - You Are Perfect - has given me strength, once again, to hold up my head and walk on through the darkness into the light of love.

Suzie, the beauty I see in your face is indescribable. You are a most courageous woman, filled with love and fun. I feel excited whenever I see you. Thank you for everything.

If only I had the words, I would tell you how much I love and appreciate you all.

I am grateful for this course - Crossroads. I recommend it for anyone and everyone who is going through a time of great change & uncertainty about their future. We all have choices, every moment, to take the High Road of Certainty on our perfection or the Low Road of Uncertainty, doubt of our rightness.

Thank you my friends for reminding me constantly of my perfection, my ability to choose love. Priceless,the course is priceless.

God bless you all.

Thank you,


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