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"Female orgasm is the door to sexual happiness" -- Vic Baranco

Experience the Demonstration of a Woman in Orgasm

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Yes, you found it.

This is the place Tim Ferriss refers to in the chapter The Fifteen Minute Female Orgasm.

As he says "Origins: More University."

That's us!

Tim is talking about the "origins" of what he is referring to as the fifteen minute orgasm. But it's actually far more than that. Not only did we discover how to make orgasms longer and more intense, it was that we recognized and demonstrated that there are no limits to how much pleasure you can experience.

Vic and Suzie Baranco's sexual research in the early 60's was based on the revolutionary viewpoint of perfection, that things are right the way they are and that there's nothing to be fixed; whatever you are already feeling is good and can be improved upon, far beyond what most people even dream of. With attention, approval, interest and training, anyone can reliably experience ecstasy for as long and as intensely as they want. It's all about pleasure in the moment rather than pursuit of a goal. A good sex life can only truly flourish in the context of a good life. more >

Vic on doing:

Once you know how to do a woman, you know how to do any woman. You just have to learn how to do it. And you don't have to worry about how to flatten a man. You don't have to worry about that, it's not one of those back and forth things. I know that sounds like there's no fun for you, but from that comes the most fun sexual fun you can have, and the most frequency. Those Chinese handcuffs - pull as hard as you want and you'll never get them out. Push and they come out.

The secret of winning in any social situation that includes men and women is just knowing how to do a woman.
You walk different. You talk different. You look at people differently.
-- Vic Baranco