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The Original Demonstration of a Woman in Orgasm

"Female orgasm is the door to sexual happiness" -- Vic Baranco

Yes, you found it - the place Tim Ferriss refers to in his book as the "origins" - the origins of the recognition and demonstration that there is sensual pleasure available without limitation.

Vic and Suzie Baranco's sexual research in the early 60's was based on the revolutionary viewpoint of perfection, that things are right the way they are and that there's nothing to be fixed; whatever you are already feeling is good and can be improved upon, far beyond what most people even dream of. With attention, approval, interest and training, anyone can reliably experience ecstasy for as long and as intensely as they want. It's all about pleasure in the moment rather than pursuit of a goal. A good sex life can only truly flourish in the context of a good life.

In the spring of 1976 Vic Baranco and Diana Goens gave the first public demonstration of a woman in orgasm for three hours, using the Morehouse two-hand do. The Fundamentals of Sensuality course was created as a way to report the findings of the research and to make them available to interested students. That spring and summer, the three-hour "coming show" was publicly repeated by a variety of couples to confirm that with some training, anyone could master what the Barancos had found to be possible.

By the summer of '76, Vic & Suzie had amicably divorced while continuing to live together at Lafayette Morehouse. Vic and his new wife, Cindy Baranco, did what would end up being the final 3-hour demonstration at the Ramada Inn in San Francisco to a huge crowd. The experience was so intense some students fainted and coincidentally, a fire broke out across the street. But even fire engines and police cars arriving with sirens blaring didn't interrupt or diminish Cindy's orgasm! However, she and Vic decided later that the point had been sufficiently made and it would be kinder and more prudent to limit future shows to an intensity & and duration that would still convey the information but be easier for students to confront. Consequently, ever since, the demonstrations have been one hour and at a somewhat lower intensity.

So that's where it all started, but not where it ended. Over the years thousands of people have taken our courses and some have gone on to teach portions of our material. Many of them have had a good deal of success teaching fragments of what they learned from Morehouse in the 70's and 80's. Since those early days of bringing orgasm from the limited notion of a "pelvic sneeze" to a full-body experience, Vic, Cindy and Morehouse have continued investigating expanding pleasure in everything from a caress to the fullest expression of sexual intimacy.

In addition to the Fundamentals of Sensuality course, which includes a live demonstration of a woman in orgasm for an hour, several additional courses are available that address living pleasurably and having an ever-improving sensual life (see a partial list, below)

The sexual and social research at Lafayette Morehouse is on-going. Cindy Baranco has continued Vic's research while giving it a uniquely feminine voice. She and a group of teachers are currently working on new courses specifically about the times we find ourselves in and the associated social & sexual phenomena. Sunday with Cindy: Saying Yes to Pleasure will be offered for the first time this coming year.

If there are boundaries to how much fun you can have, we haven't found them yet!

Some of the courses we offer with the goal of an ever- improving sensual life:

The Expansion of Sexual Potential is a hands-on course that trains a person to proficiently manually stimulate a woman, and trains a woman to come with greater intensity and duration than she had considered available.

Mutual Pleasurable Stimulation of the Human Nervous System is a laboratory course in which students do guided research in producing and experiencing untold pleasure at one another's hands.

Advanced Fundamentals of Sensuality, another laboratory course, trains the students in having profoundly pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Aphrodisia makes it clear that intense sensual pleasure is available even when starting from a place of no turn-on.

The Qualification course trains the students to a high level of competency in doing and coming.

The invitation-only Certification course is designed for students to truly master the attitudes, concepts and techniques involved in teaching the Morehouse Fundamentals of Sensuality course, including the demonstration of a woman in orgasm. Morehouse's Sensuality Department, comprised of graduates of the Certification course, teaches this and other upper-level, hands-on sensuality courses.