-Things I've Heard Vic Say


A Life of More

Lafayette Morehouse has been a successful experiment in pleasurable group living for over 45 years. The cornerstone of our philosophy and lifestyle is the concept of perfection. Our working premise is that people and situations are right the way they are and that perfection includes the potential for change.

We consider ourselves social researchers, and we study in the living laboratory of our lives and the lives of our students, what reliably works and what doesn't work for creating a happy life. That includes, among other things, pleasurable inter- personal relationships, good, effective communication, and a gratifying sensual life. We present our findings to the public in the form of courses in the areas mentioned above and more.

Since a "group" begins with as few as two people, just about anyone interested in relating with others could find this information useful. Starting with the point of view of perfection we offer an array of viewpoints to add to those you've already assembled to achieve your goals.

Vic Baranco conceived the Morehouse lifestyle as one in which people could live together pleasurably with "don't do anything you don't want to do" as a functioning rule. Our operating principle is serve the world unselfishly and profit by it. Since Vic's death in 2002, his widow and constant companion of 27 years, Cindy Baranco, has led us in continuing and forwarding our social research.