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More University

From 1977 to 1997, Lafayette Morehouse Inc. operated More University, which was authorized by the State of California to grant postsecondary degrees. The University conferred only a few Degrees of Bachelor of Humanities, Master of Humanities, and Doctor of Philosophy in Sensuality or Lifestyles.

The mission statement of the University was:

More University is dedicated to researching and validating the possibilities for developing an improved quality of life.

Under the leadership and inspiration of its founder and Dean Emeritus, Dr. Victor Baranco, the University has sought to construct frames of reference and modes of communication consistent with the characteristics and the goals of the individual regarding the self, the couple, the group and the universe.

In order to avoid the control or corruption of its investigation by any funding agency, public or private, the university has elected to support its own research by teaching its findings to those of the public interested in affecting their lives or relationships in more functional, gratifying ways.

California eventually eliminated the category of postsecondary institution to which More University belonged. While we no longer award degrees, we continue to offer all the courses that comprised our degree programs. New courses are added to our curriculum as our ongoing research of pleasurable living continues to develop.

More University Video

In the early '80's some students and faculty of the More University Audio-Visual department produced this video. It captures the flavor and outlook of that time in our history.